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Mickelson Retiring??

LA QUINTA, Calif. (TheBlaze/AP) — Phil Mickelson said he will make “drastic changes” because of federal and California state tax increases. “It’s been an interesting offseason,” Mickelson said Sunday after the final round of the Humana Challenge. “And I’m going … Continue reading

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Spend Thrift U

University of California Spends $7.65 Million on Class Taken by One Person The University of California is a large system of colleges and junior colleges in the State of California.  The entire system has nearly 19,000 faculty and 189,000 staff … Continue reading

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Defeat Nancy Pelosi

I don’t know John Dennis from Adam, but this is a great ad.

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Genetically modified foods: Why does California insist on finding a problem where nobody else does? by: Erika Johnsen On the state’s ballot in November, Californians will be voting on Proposition 37 — an initiative that would require all foods produced … Continue reading

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No Gold at the End of This Moonbeam

Predictably, California has gone from bad (Governor  Schwarzenegger, the Governator) to worse (Gerry Brown, Governor Moonbeam). Who could have predicted this? How long will it be before California comes to Washington, hat in hand, for a bailout? Even the NY Times … Continue reading

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Term Limits

Although Chuck is focused on California, his home state, it’s instructive none the less. I have seen many deceptive ballot initiatives in my state. The way the ballot is written, you think you’re voting yes for something when you’re really … Continue reading

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