Backlash by a Gun Owner

So, what sort of reaction might we see if a list was published of all those who had abortions, or homosexual marriages. What would be the response from the left? Surely as reasonable as the response over legal gun ownership. Right!


About thecommonconstitutionalist

Brent is not a scholar. He’s not an author or speaker (yet). He hasn’t published a book nor does he write articles for magazines (yet). He has no advanced literary degree or pedigree (never will). He is just an American who writes and shares what interests him. He cares about the salvation of this country and a return to its Constitutional roots. He believes in God, country and family.
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8 Responses to Backlash by a Gun Owner

  1. Susan says:

    Yes, liberal opinions are more intelligent, more inclusive and superior…right! 😉

  2. Susan says:

    Question of interest: Have any of your conservative posts been featured in Freshly Pressed? Just wondering how inclusive their information sharing is. Thanks!

  3. exactly. how about anyone who’s got a tattoo? anyone who owns a baseball bat? where does it end? it doesn’t, and that’s the problem with the libs. it’s a constant erroding of freedom, one nibble at a time.( sometimes even large bites are taken).

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