Hollywood Hotspot

These black and white photographs show some of Hollywood’s hottest stars out and about at Hollywood club Ciro’s .

The hot spot, which was located at 8433 Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip, opened in January 1940. Establishments on the strip were the home to best and brightest in the entertainment world but also attracted some Mafia sorts.

Famous guests at Ciro’s were Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra,  Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan, Dean Martin, Mickey Rooney and Cary Grant.

During his first visit to Hollywood in the late 1940s and before his foray into politics, John F. Kennedy stopped in at Ciro’s to enjoy the night life.

Despite its reputation as the place to be seen, it was forced to declare bankruptcy and was auctioned off in 1959.

Night life Journalist Walter Winchell, left, chats with Joseph Schneck, right, while Marilyn Monroe scopes out the place on May 22, 1953
Ol' Blue Eyes: Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, left, chats with a young Frank Sinatra in October 1946 at a party at Ciro’s
The lady is not impressed:Mickey Rooney, right, is pictured with his former wife, Martha Vickers, left, at Ciro’s in Oct. 1951. The pair, who had recently divorced, appeared together at the hot spot fueling rumors of a reconciliation but Vickers quashed the reports telling the press, ‘This does not mean a reconciliation’
Good times Lucille Ball, front left, and her husband Desi Arnaz in costume at the club in May 1956 for a fundraiser. The party was held to raise funds for the building of a hospital for mental illness in Los Angeles
09 Feb 1955 Skating star Sonja Henie, left, welcomes pianist Liberace, center, and actress Susan Hayward, right, to her star spangled party at Ciro’s nightclub in February 1955
Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr, right, is shown with Cary Crosby before the singer took the stage to perform at Ciro’s in Hollywood in November 1955
That's a Busman's HolidayGail Russell and Guy Madison went to Ciro’s in Hollywood to get away from the cameras, before which they are seeking fame and fortune. But they found that cameras are not so easily evaded. Ciro’s camera girl Dixie Liston is showing them prints of photographs she snapped while they were dining in March 1946
Photo by Michael Ochs
20 Aug 1951, Los Angeles,
The hot spot, which was located at 8433 Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip, opened in January 1940
What a show Stripper Lili St. Cyr gives the audience an eyeful during a performance at Ciro’s Nightclub in October 1951
GigCiro’s nightclub in Los Angeles with a sign promoting Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra as the current act in the late 1940s

Attribution: Mail Online


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  1. floresypaz says:

    i love the compilation of these photos!

  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    What a joyous look back into the glory days of Hollywood. Wonderful images.

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