Joke of the Day

A very nervous man, accbugsompanied by his nagging wife, was examined by a doctor.

After checking the chart and listening to the wife’s ceaseless chatter, he nodded and wrote the man a prescription for a powerful tranquilizer.

The man asked: “How often should the pills be taken?”

“Let’s start with once every six hours. But if that’s not enough,” replied the doctor,  “just give her some more.”


About thecommonconstitutionalist

Brent is not a scholar. He’s not an author or speaker (yet). He hasn’t published a book nor does he write articles for magazines (yet). He has no advanced literary degree or pedigree (never will). He is just an American who writes and shares what interests him. He cares about the salvation of this country and a return to its Constitutional roots. He believes in God, country and family.
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3 Responses to Joke of the Day

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    LOL… But I’m only laughing about the joke as the new legislation wants to make me sob. Am I “entitled” to sob?

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