Need a New Fridge?

If you just want a refrigerator that accommodates your magnet collection, then this probably isn’t the one for you.

A manufacturer has launched a  state-of-the-art fridge, which costs more than the average kitchen, at up to $41,500.

The  Meneghini La Cambusa unit can be custom-fitted with a range of gizmos including a coffee maker, ice-maker, temperature controlled pantry and even a flat-screen television.

Looking more like a piece of antique furniture than a household appliance, the fridge is  aimed at the super-rich.

Indeed, one retailer, Robey’s, in the UK,  admits that they ‘do not sell hundreds a week’.

As well as refrigerating food, the La Cambusa three-door model includes spaces that can be customized to meet clients’  need.

The price can vary enormously because each  one is custom-made in Italy.

After shelling out $26,000 for the wooden frame, which can be painted in more than 500 colors,  clients will then have to pay extra for brass handles, glass shelving and the fridge and freezer units.

For those wanting all of the cool extras, a number of other devices can be installed.

A Miele coffee system, costing from around  $3,000 is a popular pick, while flat screen televisions are frequently requested.

New York  Magazinewrites that the ice-maker has also been a  hit, and customers have seen it as the perfect addition for ‘poolside parties,  because, yes, some, clients have put these units poolside.’

A microwave oven and steam oven, by Miele are  other optional extras.

Celebrity endorsement: Nigella Lawson is said to be a  fan of the state-of-the-art Meneghini fridges

The centrepiece of the appliance is a Liebherr refrigerator system, which starts at $1,200. The Swiss-based company will also construct a temperature-controlled pantry for dry storage.

The three-door La Cambusa, measures 8.2ft  wide, weighs 1,100 pounds and includes 26.6 cubic feet of storage space.

There are cheaper versions in the Meneghini range, and the Food Networks Nigella Lawson owns a cream version of the $13,000 La Ghiacciaia.

The website writes: ‘We’re set upon purchasing a Meneghini fridge/freezer in yellow when our lottery boat comes to harbor.’

‘At that cost, we’d consider it the start of a family heirloom to pass along to generations; at least the design is worthy of the designation.’

Attribution: Sadie Whitelocks


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