The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Nothing of this world lasts forever. That includes nations.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans; none stood the test of time. 

They do, however, have one thing in common. They all lasted hundreds or thousands of years. We may not be so lucky.

In 1787 a crowd gathered outside the hall where the Constitutional convention was held in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. As the doors were opened and the delegates began to emerge, a woman identified only as Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

The more I learn about the founders of this country, the more convinced I am, that they were and still are the greatest collection of minds to walk this earth. They were divinely inspired and prescient.

Franklin knew, as did the other founders, the republic, like children, must be nurtured and given constant attention, lest they stray down the wrong path. In the case of the republic, it is the path toward tyranny.

The founders charged the citizens of this country to actively pursue righteousness in our elected officials, and to remain alert to the activities at every level of government.

As time marched on we have become forgetful and complacent. The average American today knows little or nothing of our own founding or the original intent of our government, or what those people endured to allow us the opportunity to rule ourselves.

Over time though, we have allowed our public servants to become our rulers.

Some would say that the citizenry is just too busy to be bothered by such things. As our society has “evolved” and “progressed”, it is said that things have just become too complicated and the founders could not have foreseen the problems of today.

Is that not why we have elected officials? We send the politicians (the smart people) off to fight on our behalf and deal with the bedevilling issues of our time, so we may get back to whatever seems to be more important. As long as our lives don’t measurable change, all is evidently well.

All, unfortunately, isn’t well. We are teetering on the precipice of tyranny and most don’t even realize it or care. It seems a growing majority of this country believes the government was formed just to take care of us, to be our security blanket.

Again Franklin had an answer for that when he exclaimed, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

Sam Adams stated, “The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.”

They knew that throughout every society since the beginning of time, one overriding thing has not and will never change. That is human nature. No matter how evolved and sofisticated we think we’ve become, it can always be boiled down to that one thing.

Every great society eventually becomes decadent and intellectually lazy. America is not exempt from this tendancy.

I am reminded of a movie from a years ago called “Idiocracy”, where mankind has not evolved, but devolved into a collection of morons concerned and consumed only with the worst inclinations of a society. It’s not exactly a 4 star film, but it’s where we’re heading.

Look around you. Watch some of those, “man on the street” interviews. Everywhere is the pursuit of self-gratification and nothing more. The average American is more likely to know the judges on American Idol than a single Supreme Court judge. Foul language and tattoos have become the norm, not the exception.

As in “Idiocracy”, we glorify sex, violence and fame.

Our whole lives are broadcast to the world via Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because it seems everyone wishes just to be famous and, of course, people are idolized for just being famous.

Nowhere is the violence in our society more evident than the rise of the gladiator culture via the explosive popularity of Mixed Martial Arts competitions. They enter, not just a ring, but a cage, beat that hell out each other, for fame and our amusement. The only things missing are weapons and lions. Give them time. I understand that combatants have been killed during these fights. They have not been allowed to televise them, yet. Again, give it time.

Why do we care about people like the bubblehead, Kim Kardashian? Because she is attractive? No, not just because she is attractive, but also due to her sexual persona. She is famous for being famous, yet by all accounts she’s never done a thing worthwhile. And for that she is celebrated and enriched.

Watch your TV or listen to your radio. It seems the commercials are either about promoting government or sex. Male enhancement drugs, female sensitivity formulas. Viagra, Cialas, etc. Even the car you drive will likely lead you to more sex. Is this what we’re most concerned with?

Will it be okay to hand over our republic to tyrants as long as they let us watch the UFC and have lots of sex? You can take away our gun rights, but don’t cancel “Dancing with American X Factor Idol Stars that think they have Talent”.

Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, said: “Without morals, a republic cannot subsist any length of time…”

True Dat!


About thecommonconstitutionalist

Brent is not a scholar. He’s not an author or speaker (yet). He hasn’t published a book nor does he write articles for magazines (yet). He has no advanced literary degree or pedigree (never will). He is just an American who writes and shares what interests him. He cares about the salvation of this country and a return to its Constitutional roots. He believes in God, country and family.
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5 Responses to The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

  1. wow! awesome piece! truly ,the age of enlightenment was guided by Divine Providence.

  2. Bruce says:

    –The average American today knows little or nothing of our own founding or the original intent of our government, or what those people endured to allow us the opportunity to rule ourselves.–

    This combined with the incredible sense of entitlement may yet be our undoing. The American Dream now seems to be “how can I get something at someone else’s expense?”

    Nice piece.

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