A Stradivarius violin – possibly worth several million dollars – has been handed in at a Swiss lost-property office after a hapless musician left it on a train.

“The owner had lent the precious instrument to a musician friend who took it on a train last Friday but forgot it when he got off at the Bern station”, police said.

After a fruitless search by train staff, surveillance cameras spotted a passenger walking off with the violin at a different station and police launched an appeal for help.

The violin turned up Sunday in the lost-property office at Bern station.

Police did not disclose the names of anyone involved, nor the value of the instrument.

Around 600 violins made by Italian master craftsman Antonio Stradivari are still in existence. One fetched almost $14 million at a 2011 charity auction for victims of the Japanese tsunami.


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2 Responses to Um…Duh

  1. Helen says:

    How could anyone forget a violin especially an expensive Stradivarius??

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