Long Way Down

Photographs from the Red Bull cliff diving series in the Portuguese islands of the Azores. That’s a 100 foot drop, by the way. I’m not sure which would scare me the most; the dive or the climb up.

Attribution: Mail Online


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Brent is not a scholar. He’s not an author or speaker (yet). He hasn’t published a book nor does he write articles for magazines (yet). He has no advanced literary degree or pedigree (never will). He is just an American who writes and shares what interests him. He cares about the salvation of this country and a return to its Constitutional roots. He believes in God, country and family.
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3 Responses to Long Way Down

  1. rosannamayy says:

    Reblogged this on rosannamayy and commented:
    WOW. Looks amazing but i’d never do it

  2. Max says:

    Jesus. You’re quite right about the climb up too, that could be the scariest bit.

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