NBC Caught Again

If your a regular reader you know I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney. If you’re a new reader; I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney. I will be voting for him and I will encourage people to do the same.

That being said, I would like to say I am apalled at the latest incident regarding the mainstream media, particulary NBC, but I’m not. It is well known that the mainstream media are in the tank for for Obama.  NBC is the worst offender. They are just dirtbags. I am convinced they will stop at nothing to get Obama reelected. This video evidence is worse than the Zimmerman edited video that got a few people fired.

To continue reading of the latest intentional smear job click on The Blaze link.


About thecommonconstitutionalist

Brent is not a scholar. He’s not an author or speaker (yet). He hasn’t published a book nor does he write articles for magazines (yet). He has no advanced literary degree or pedigree (never will). He is just an American who writes and shares what interests him. He cares about the salvation of this country and a return to its Constitutional roots. He believes in God, country and family.
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2 Responses to NBC Caught Again

  1. nbc: slimy,underhanded dirtbags run by obama’s best friend,jeff immelt.shocking.

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