Reagan Went!

I apologize for not posting this yesterday.

Ronald Reagan on the 40th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion

Meanwhile, Obama was in California doing fundraisers.


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7 Responses to Reagan Went!

  1. Yes, it’s true. Reagan gave a speech on the 4-decade anniversary of D-Day. Have you tried to find any of his other speeches commemorating that date? They’re oddly sparse.

    For that matter, what were you saying between 2000 and 2008, when Bush was ignoring D-Day 6 out of 8 years? I’m just curious.

    • Since you’re new to my blog I’ll spare you the research. Although I think Bush 43 was & is a good man and a patriot, I was no fan of his time in office. Like many, he is a big government progressive republican. On May 27, 2002 (Memorial Day) Bush did go to Normandy, France to honor our fallen.

  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    President Reagan’s second speech that day – at the American Cemetery and about PFC Zanatta – was by far one of his most moving deliveries. Even he broke a bit during the speech. I shed a tear each time I see it. I am not making any political statement, by the way.

  3. So, what you’re saying is, on a prominent anniversary (multiples of 10, after all, being considered important), Reagan gave two speeches. On an INsignificant anniversary of what is not, after all, even a federal holiday, Obama didn’t.

    Which signifies what, exactly?

    What’s the next anniversary you’re going to get steamed over if a meaningless ceremony isn’t held? The First Battle of Ypres? The Battle of Centralia, MO? Personally, I’d prefer him spending time doing something less meaningless.

    • Nope. The anniversary number isn’t important. Reagan made a heartfelt speech & meant it as did Bush. It’s not about the event, it’s all about honoring (or dishonoring) the people that laid their lives on the line so we can be doing this. I can state with firm comittment, both Clinton & Obama hate the American Military.

  4. And Obama gave a heartfelt speech. And meant it. Having spent 21 years in the military, perhaps my attitude is different from yours, but neither Clinton nor Obama has shown anything that would make me think that either hates the military. You don’t get to just project what you think they feel on someone. What evidence do you have for this opinion?

    • I’m ex-Navy myself. I didn’t say they hated the military, just the American military. Clinton wrote that he loathed the military, and Obama is an Anti-Colonialist. That’s all I need to know to form that opinion.

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